Cryptobiosis is a Hamburg (Germany) based Death Metal band originally formed in 2014 inspired by old school Death, Thrash and Black Metal. Within the following 2 years the line-up was completed and the debut album slowly manifested as the band grew tighter together. “Temple Of Sloth” was released on 11th July 2017 exclusively as cassette edition (100 copies) featuring a mixture of Death and Thrash Metal. Later in November 2017, the live-album “Worship Of The Baphograde - Live at the Bambi Galore” was released as free download version. In 2018 Maik left the band and was replaced by studio drummer Kevin Paradis for the recording of the second album.

 "Juggernaut" was released in Mid 2019. It outlines the development of the band ranging from high-speed Thrash to mid-tempo Death to monotonous 90ies Black Metal including guest performances of befriended musicians from around the globe.
Currently the band is finalizing their 3rd release, which will be released in 2021.

Cryptobiosis is a fully autonomous band running everything self-determined from recording to artwork.
The band is eager to perform live rituals to spread their disease across the lands.

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